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The Club

Club Officers
President Susie Manke
Vice-President Ted Mittelstadt
Secretary Chris Plum
Treasurer Missy Mankie
Board of Directors
Richard Donnay Tammy Corrow
Marisela Franco Tom Smith
NNC Bylaws
NNC Constitution
Membership Application


Health & Education: Priscilla Zeller

Membership: Ted Mittelstadt,

Parades: Ted Mittelstadt

Regional Specialty Show Committee:
Richard & Sandy Donnay, Susie Manke, Marisela Franco

Tammy Corrow, Missy Manke,
Janey Shaddrick, Jo-Anne Tait,
Lori Mo, Jeff Ohmann

Trophies & Awards: Susie Manke

Web Site: Charles Turner,

Working Dog: pending