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It is the belief of the Northstar Newfoundland Club (NNC) and the Newfoundland Club of America that Newfoundland dogs should not be acquired casually or disposed of lightly. However it is recognized that sometimes an owner's circumstances change and the Newf is found to be unsuited to his or her present home.

NNC Rescue is dedicated to preserving the lives, health and welfare of Newfoundlands and whenever possible, placing them in good homes. NNC Rescue works in cooperation with rescue committees of the Newfoundland Club of America, and other regional Newfoundland clubs and rescue organizations.

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Any pure bred Newfoundland that is legally turned over to us, is immediately taken to an experienced foster home for evaluation which generally includes a visit soon afterwards to one of our participating veterinarians for a complete health check.

The Newfoundland is then placed into a foster home for an undetermined length of time (depending on the dog's condition) for a complete evaluation of it's retraining and rehabilitation needs. The Newf will be kept in foster care as long as necessary to prepare it for entry into its new, permanent home.

In addition to vet services and foster homes, transition help is often needed with rescue, evaluation, transportation, training, grooming, home visits and record keeping.

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The Newfoundland is a giant breed whose weight is in the vicinity of 110-150 lbs. It is considered to be a high maintenance dog which requires grooming every day. A high quality dog food must be provided and veterinary bills can be quite expensive considering the size of the Newf and the dosage of the medication required.

A Newfoundland's temperament is gentle and laid back. They bond quickly with their new owners and adore children. All Newfs are adopted out as pets only and must live inside the home with the adoptee. Prospective homes are matched to the needs of the dog. No Newf is ever adopted for guard or security dog purposes.

When the Newfoundland is placed with its new family, a member of our committee will be in contact with the new family to encourage and help with any adjustments. An adoption fee for adults and puppies is requested to help defray the expenses incurred for the care of rescued Newfs. Senior dogs are adopted without a fee.

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